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Media Blasting • Prime • Paint

We view liquid paint application a bit differently than most, knowing multiple factors contribute to the desired result; material preparation (media blast & degreasing), level of electrostatic paint wrap, precise air atomizing of the HVLP guns, dry time and air temperature between coats, all critical factors that contribute to an exceptional finish.

At AITC we pride ourselves on achieving accurate color, mileage, gloss level and durability delivered on time and complimented with the recorded quality control measures and the appropriate documentation. AITC— Start to Finish.

White Blast

Media Blasting to the SP10 Standard

The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) and NACE International issued joint standards which apply to the usage of blast cleaning abrasives. We blast to the SP10 Standard, meaning very minor shadows, very minor streaks or minimal discolorations caused by oxides, mill scale, stains caused by rust, or minute residues of coating or paint only remain on 5 percent of each square inch of surface area ensuring excellent primer and topcoat adhesion.


Liquid Prime & Paint Application

Military Paint Coating is manufactured and applied according to the quality, reliability and material prep standards set by the United States Department of Defense. At AITC material is prepared to the SP10 Standard and all primer and paint is painstakingly applied to the parent material per the applicable MIL standard or OEM specifications and processes.
See link below for Mil-Standards we commonly adhere to. (Insert Link Below)

I have turned to AITC for high quality Mil-Spec liquid painting for years. Their product and customer service is top quality. They consistently deliver on time and on budget. 

Craig Achatz

President , AMS Machining

Our Values

Quality – we always strive to deliver high quality products and services. Our objective is to deliver value to our customer.

Kindness – We are a company based in kindness. Everyone is kind to customers, kind to vendors, and kind to each other. We value our people and reward their performance. We respect our people by paying a good wage with good benefits.


To create local opportunity while supporting the brave men and women in the military and the firefighters with our aerospace paint services.


At AITC our mission is to provide high quality paint finishes while exceeding our customers’ expectations in customer service.

AITC’s consistent quality and timely delivery ensures our trucks leave on schedule. I frequently receive positive feedback from our customers relating to the quality finish of our product. 

Sam Zumbrunnen

Cv International