Color Correct and in Spec

From Mil Thickness Between Coats

to Final Recorded Gloss Level


Using colors

bold and bright


Delivered on Time

With the Appropriate

MSDS and CoC's

The Product

A durable and lasting paint finish is only as robust as the product being applied. A truth that demands a close relationship with the suppliers and chemists that create, tweak and perfect our state-of-the-art primers and top coats. Each one formulated for a specific application and end use in mind.

The Process

We view paint application a bit differently than most. Material preparation, level of electrostatic paint wrap, precise air atomizing of the HVLP guns, dry time and air temperature between coats; critical factors that contribute to an exceptional result. An exceptional finish.

The Result

We focus on the effort so you can focus on the result of that effort. And what a result it is. Accurate color, mileage, gloss level and durability delivered on time and complimented with the recorded quality control measures and the appropriate documentation. AITC, Start to Finish.


Our value-added finishing services within the military market offer the durability and protection required for the varied conditions of deployment. Get in touch with us regarding the Mil-Std in which you need conformance.


AITC‘s metal finishing is in accordance with aviation and major “prime” contractor specifications.


At AITC our mission is to provide high quality paint finishes in a safe, timely and environmentally conscious manner.


AITC‘s core values center on acting in a responsible and ethical manner by utilizing our professional team to deliver a quality finishing service that is sound for both environment and community.

Why Us?

AITC‘s customer-centric approach and dedication to internal quality systems makes us an obvious choice for your next finishing project.

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